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What Makes a Good Survey Score?


Research shows that the best survey likerd scale is a 10 point scale. Using the 10 point scale your analysis allows for greater analysis capability and gives a viable scorecard to attach a value to the results. What does an average score of 73 (7.3) mean? 85 (8.5)? Do these scores qualify for actions?

The best way to determine which scores require a response is using the NPS scoring theory.  This theory states that scores of 8,9, and 10 people are are considered “Promoters” , scores of 7 are considered  “Passives”, and  scores of 6  to 1 are “Detractors”.  Most compelling is the ability to demonstrate what percentage of any workgroup are engaged or committed by being Promoters.  Supported by the research from the Engagement folks, by growing the Promoter Class as a percentage, you grow the business.


Trying to pigeonhole people into a score is more complicated, as opposed a class of people that either contributes, promotes or engages  vs. those that are active negative detractors. The consulting objective will be to “move” from Detractors to Promoters.  By cross-tabbing the Detractor groups using the Intersection capability of InfoTool, you can actually facilitate this “move” process. If you isolate the scores of 6, moving them to a 7 or 8 will be a different effort than moving a 1 to a 7 or 8.  I have a HBR article that better describes in detail the value of this type of analysis

 One example of using this powerful information is to isolate the upper scores as a percentage from the others.  As a leader, you tell me if the following kind of information isn’t compelling-maybe even frightening.  The following are 3 Categories measured in one of our surveys.

“Percentage of “Promoters” by the 3 Categories:

Strong  Culture: 62.85% Promoters or 12280 of 19536 individual scores were 8, 9 or 10.

Cultural Threat: 62.75%, Promoters or 22741 of 36239 individual scores were 8, 9 or 10.

Cultural Defenses: 55.73%, Promoters or 31067 of 55740 scores were 8, 9 or 10.


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