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Vital Conditions For Coaching Success


Establishing an open and honest conversation between the Coach and Manager is vital to their mutual success. If the Manager approaches a coaching conversation with fear, then that fear (and even more dangerous – the fear of retribution) will be interwoven into the fabric of the entire experience

For coaching conversations to be successful, both parties need to see feedback as an opportunity to explore what elements will contribute to future success, and the basis of coaching will be strategies for successfully getting there. If fear erodes the conversations, trust and openness cannot be built – even when both parties have the best intentions in mind. This team effort must be focused on how to create environments that break from the past and allow connectivity and positive conversations to flow between the parties. Once this Coaching experience yields success between Manager and Coach, then the same experience can be replicated between the Manager and their Direct Reports – creating a positive ripple effect in the organization.

Suggested Questions for Coaching the Manager

1. How would you describe your accountability for coaching the people in your Department?

2. What percentage of your time do you think should ideally be spent coaching?

3. What percentage of your time do you actually spend coaching?

4. How would you characterize the link between development and performance?

5. How receptive to coaching are the people who report to you?

6. What are barriers or hindrances to coaching do you encounter?

7. What support would you need to enhance your coaching effectiveness?

8. How could the coaching you receive be improved?

9. What are the key questions we should explore in the session on coaching we are planning?

10. What other subject should we cover in the session?

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