InfoTool’s Diagnostic Engine delivers a series of intuitive, interactive gauges that translate data into action-with only a click of a mouse. Simply log into your private login to gain access InfoTool's secure database on the Web, and you are empowered to analyze your organization's data 24/7. Here are some the benefits you can readily enjoy:

  • The freedom to view, manipulate your analysis data online
  • Examine micro and macro trends
  • Demographic comparisons that isolate best practices, performance gaps and misalignments
  • Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses by demographic
  • Predictive matrices that select critical business drivers and behaviors
  • Qualitative key-word searches enable you to view trends
  • Restricted password viewing
  • Comparative data views that overlay industry, customer or prior measurement data

The outcome is control, confidence in leadership, and knowing what drives your organization's performance. Here are but a few examples of what the Infotool Diagnostic Engine can do for you:


 The Detail Analysis Report is a highly interactive graphic report that illuminates the degree of misalignment between each demographic through the lens of each survey measure. Instantly see the developmental needs of all levels of the organization and which groups in the vertical hierarchy are not aligned to the business objectives. Instantly prioritize drivers such as communication, trust, innovation and all other emotional and rational key drivers of engagement between people in different positions. The greater the gaps, the greater the need for solutions.


The Summary Wheel instantly displays the culture of each department. See how each workgroup perceives leadership/management styles, behaviors, processes by all "business vision" survey measures. Leaders and Managers will have their own personalized scorecard. With the click of the mouse, see best and worst practices by colors, manager styles or even barriers to growth. Pinpoint your best managers and know each developmental need of each manager. Coaching managers has never been easier.

The Gap Analysis Report illustrates performance variability between each work group and demographic. In the value chain, performance variation impacts all phases of customer deliver. Silos between work groups created customer dissatisfaction, increased costs and other misaligments. To identify the department and then fix the low scores creates increased effeciency. Replicating "best practices" from the far right to those on the far left present a huge improvement opportunity that is low cost and easy to implement.


Infotool's famed Predictive Matrix Report prioritizes those actions most highly correlated to the "business purpose". With just a click, this amazing tool selects the most productive, corrective actions to drive a targeted organizational initiative, along with appropriate action steps that will result in the highest growth of shareholder value. It even presents the actions for each demographic level. Leaders can now build effective implementation strategies while managers can focus on improvement directly linked to the business survey purpose. Equally valuable, it selects actions to avoid taking as there is little to no correlation for those to the "business purpose".

 This reports are only the beginning. To see the power of the Infotool Diagnostic Engine in action, contact us for a free demo!

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