Consulting Services

Our teams of advanced degreed experts have all run organizations and understand the intricacies of business organization and barriers of executing strategies. When coupling evidence-quality information at each “nook and cranny” of your business structure with skilled experience it becomes an easy task to realign each workgroup to the business vision. Change happens when enterprises change. Sustainability happens when each manager becomes accountable for change.

Linking the diagnostics to the implementation also means to align your people to “business of the business”, ensures your workforce is totally engaged in the “business of the business” and your managers and leaders have a means to understand how to lead others in the “business of the business”. This is our consultative approach which has transformed organizations over the last dozen years.

Our alignment consulting approach is heavily founded in the research by Dr. George Labovitz in his books and treatises on organizational alignment. Our engagement methodology is grounded in the exquisite work of the Conference Board whereby measures of emotional and rational engagement drivers are benchmarked. By combining these two schools of thought methodologies, a clear picture emerges which pinpoints action steps by each leader/manager that are so precise, enterprise change happens almost instantly.

This breakthrough system has allowed us to transgress from theory to implementation. With the insights from our powerful diagnostics and alignment systems approach, implementation is now measurable, effective, and rapid. Implementation at three levels of the organization: leadership, management and workforce. It is our ability to rapidly implement effective change management through survey analysis that allows us to achieve where all others fail.

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