Consultant Training and Education

The survey business is a $22 billion a year industry and to become skilled in the SurveyTelligence, InfoTool survey diagnostic business presents a huge career opportunity.

After training you will become one of the very few that can transform a company by moving them upward toward greater performance and profitability.  The step four, The Implementation System™, is unique only to SurveyTelligence, combined with the power of the InfoTool Diagnostic.

When separating SurveyTelligence four step system from InfoTool, the consultant will have an opportunity to offer clients access to the most powerful diagnostic tool in America.   The power is derived from the ability to see and analyze every “nook and cranny” of each workgroup.  If you can find it, you can fix it has been our standard for over 12 years.  The capability of clients to profit from these type insights has been proven many times over.

We have done all the work for you.  You will learn to use diagnostic survey tools that have been described by a Bechtel Corporation Regional President as the “best business tool in America.”

A Senior VP of Staples quoted in a reference letter, “Overall, the tool represents dynamic and extraordinary analytical capability. Using InfoTool allows us to examine micro and macro trends, which we had not been able to see in previous surveys. We can now view organizational strengths and areas of opportunity sliced by all of our demographic groups in a matter of seconds.”

Let survey data become your competitive edge!