Step 4. Implementation

The essence of transformation is how effective leadership is in implementing change.

In aligned organizations, every employee from the executive suite to the loading dock worker understands the strategy and goals of the organization and is fully engaged in the transformation process.

To facilitate implementation of IDE alignment Survey models SurveyTelligence supports executives and managers with formal executive level reports and presentations that take the guesswork out of what action steps need to be taken to achieve transformation. The reports provide each manager with their own unique set of action steps to take. Reports are then followed up with coaching sessions and “certification” of at least 2 internal experts.

The sample Predictive Correlation Model below shows which organizational issues will have the greatest impact on achieving enterprise transformation (upper right quadrant).


Users also get an automated list of the top 10 ROI activities to take.  For a more detailed look at the SurveyTelligence 4-Step Process to Enterprise Transformation, download our Whitepaper by clicking here or on the box to the right.