Step 3. Alignment Analysis

SurveyTelligence IDE analysis features take the place of unreliable, laborious and expensive focus group research, resource intensive interviews, actions based on guess work but taken out of frustration, and trying to make sense of big chunks of company data displayed in spreadsheets.

IDE features produce dynamic sets of alignment analysis tools that interpret survey results. Output from these assessments enable leaders to assess the efficiency of key strategic work processes, link the organization’s strategic vision to ROI objectives, and close productivity gaps between workgroups.

Survey output includes demographic segmentation, cross tab analyses, alignment measurements, predictive correlation analyses, and more.  Each feature is accessed and viewed through interactive, colorful graphics that lead to precise, statistically reliable results. Reports can be defined and downloaded with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The following IDE Gap Analysis table shows the differences between transformation engagement scores between three workgroups: