Step 2. Diagnostic Engine

Why did the President of a multi-billion dollar company say that Infotool is “the best business tool in America"?

As we uncovered the results of his 16,000 employees, he was delighted with the ability to analyze every single department under his control, instantly identify his better managers, pinpoint action plans to be taken by each manager and even slice the departmental data into smaller demographic groups.

This powerful algorithm-driven program identifies the key drivers that guarantee enterprise transformation. The engine produces the power to prioritize positive action planning for the three stakeholders: Executives, Managers and the workforce.

The features of the Infotool Diagnostic Engine include:

  • Unlimited cross-tab analysis for dissecting groups
  • Aggregation analysis for consolidating groups
  • Correlation analysis for prioritizing action plans
  • Unlimited demographic slicing capabilities to view scores of each and every demographic
  • Text searching for open ended responses
  • Overall, a total ability to target improvement for every work group in the entire organization; this is transformation

When your survey diagnostic engine can function like an in depth market study, you have unlimited ability understand what makes your entire organization pulsate.

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