Step 1. Survey Intelligence

To get the right answer, you need to ask the right questions. Survey Intelligence means creating a customized survey linked to your business vision and challenges.

Why is survey customization so critical? No two organizations are alike. You need to look at yourself, not the generic traits of others, to find your own solutions for your own unique challenges.

Customization of survey measures creates value, direction and control for three key stakeholders: Executives, Managers and the Workforce. Each stakeholder will be able to answer three questions: "How do I get to where I need to be?", "How do I align my daily work to my business responsibility?", and "How can I contribute to making this organization a 'great place to work'?". This is transformation on an enterprise level.

Survey Intelligence process includes:

  • Design and customize survey questions just for you
  • Develop a prelaunch communication strategy to begin the culture shift
  • Target 80-90% response rate
  • Create the demographic architecture that will allow analysis of each department, work group and job function
  • Design and send survey invitations through the Infotool Email Program
  • Build partnering relationships with client's internal survey team while preparing for post survey analysis, presentations, and implementation system

Our methodology is simple, fast, and economical and employs the most insightful, online survey programs available today.

For those clients who use their own survey tools, or take a more traditional approach by using "off the shelf" survey products, SurveyTelligence has a vast library of over 50 unique survey tools which are already built, tested and ready for immediate use. Visit our Survey Library