Our Four Step Process

The SurveyTelligence System™

“If your survey process doesn't move your organization toward greatness, you haven't chosen the right path”

Enterprise Transformation is what happens when all parts of the organization are working together in harmony to the company’s vision.  The following four tested steps will enhance your organization’s performance to the highest level.

Step 1. Survey Intelligence

“You must have a great start to expect a great finish”

If you don’t collect the right data, you can expect the wrong results. Survey Intelligence not only includes the entire survey management process, but it begins with building a customized survey instrument built towards the vision of the business.

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Step 2. Diagnostic Engine

“When your survey diagnostic can function like an in depth market study, you have unlimited capacity to understand what makes your organization pulsate”

The diagnostic engine, built for change management, is a simple to understand tool with amazing analysis capability. Interactive, colorful graphics provide precise action steps for each workgroup, designed to align each to the business vision.

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Step 3. Alignment Analysis

“Survey measurements drive resource allocations for each workgroup.”

Alignment analysis happens when the most effective action steps have been identified and selected. It is the step in which each leader gains a full understanding of their workgroups to align each to the main goals of the CEO. This relies on vertical and horizontal analysis which results in accountability and long term sustainability of improvement.

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Step 4. Implementation

“Organizations themselves need to break the inertia of an existing culture cycle and re-energize the people to move forward in the right direction”

The real essence of transformation is how effectively leadership implements the change. Our implementation process addresses the needs of all levels within the organization to be highly effective, energizing and rapidly transforming.

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