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How Creative Spaces Creates Delighted Customers


Forming "Creative Spaces™" is a means to provide an intangible "free zone" of expression for people to share innovative ideas or explore entrepreneurial ideas without fear or embarassment.


These "Creative Spaces™" do have restrictions. They are not "bitching" forums, but a place to discuss two concepts:

1. Identifying the workgroup's key customer

2. How to best serve that customer


It is the creation of a "Customer-focused" workgroup thoughout the entire enterprise. Imagine, an organization with 50 workgroups, each figuring out better ways to delight their own key customer. Some serve the internal customer, while others serve the ultimate customer. Regardless, internal or external, delighting your customer supports the organization's overall business strategy.


The process to delight customers is best known to the people who actually deliver the service. So, if the workgroup uses their experiences of what does and does not work, with an ability to eliminate the "red tape" standing in the way of delighting the customer, then "go for it!"


Documenting this process for customer engagement becomes the future playbook for a way to align great business processes for customer delight. This is what really creates an effective customer culture. Somewhere in this simple process, you might as well ask the customer what they need from you. As them how they are using what you give them and how we can do it better.


Elizabeth A. Smith, Oct 02, 2012

Great idea. The real customers in health care are patients and family members. This fact is not widely known or accepted. Our Foundation has stressed the prime role of the patient since we received our 501(c)(3) status in 2003.

Our upgrading of our website is nearly finished, but you will see the role of the patient on our "old" website

Creative Spaces is an excellent way to obtain current, helpful information about serving internal and external customers. The individuals who do the major work of the organization know how to make things better, but they are rarely asked for their opinions and ideas.

Rhoda Reddock, Oct 05, 2012

This is a good idea, someone had actually mentioned it to me just last week and I had planned to implement it. Now with this additional input I shall certainly try this out.


Stan, Oct 19, 2012

Thank you agaon for your comments..Please keep them coming...Creative Spaces is working amazingly well. By the nature of the process, it is driving a customer culture as well.

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