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Getting a Global Perspective


The use of technology to get a global perspective is used as part of the analysis process. It's the means to rapidly identify within the entire organizational structure where pockets or misalignment exist through a lens of all of the participants. It is a means to see which group of people aren't getting along, which manager might be toxic, which process if broken, which group is disconnected from the strategic goals, which department is not supporting its internal customer, which work group recognizes that we are not satisfying our customer, which group need more training and so on. What you discover about each organizational body part is what you ask in the survey tool.

This is all done and discovered within 10 days of being hired. This is step 1. This is the CAT scan the doctor orders to discover the misalignment of your ailment to the alignment of your body. A good technology tool is the CAT scan consultants use to see which gaps to close. Good technology can even help prioritize the best ROI actions to take from correlation analysis tools-the gold standard used by consultant to select the best actions to improve over others. These survey told must contain business driver questions that pertain to the business

I have yet to have my first corrective communication. By the way, in your conversations, how many executives think they are wrong? In hundreds of my projects, its the senior staff that is usually disconnected from the managers and workers. Good tools identify that. Now is the appropriate time to have executive conversation, but with evidentuary tools. You must have heard the adage, "if leaders have the tools that inform action, leaders will take the action."
Now comes the communication! To qualify, this type of power is reserved for those of you that involved in enterprise rapid realignment. If your a coach, skip this phase unless your coaching is with the CEO to help them personally to handle a reorganization or a merger. Then people , culture pictures are necessary.

If you need to know about all the people, you need to ask all the people. Today's technology tools support the consultants to make them more successful, not to supplant their skills or be a threat their egos.

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