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Does Strategy Matter?


According to studies, only 14% of employees understand their company's strategy.

I am finally beginning to understand why the 14% figure is not that important to the work force. It is simply not that important to them. They don't care about the strategy and I don't blame them. It is way above their pay grade. As I see it, in simple terms, strategy is a look forward to ways to reach markets, make more money, benefit officesrs and shareholders..but not me - the worker!


What is really important is that "I", the worker, sees a connection between my job and the purpose of the existence of the business. For example, if the company is a university and its purpose is to provide the very best education possible, I can connect everything I do to providing the best education possible. That's my objective as a worker. That's what I get paid for and measured by. This is how I get engaged knowing that at the end of every day, I helped students get the best education possible.


So, its not the business strategy that matters to me, the worker; it's the purpose of the essence of the business. So as I discovered, strategy should be left to the business leaders. Connecting workers to their job means to make sure they connect to the purpose of their daily work life - i.e. satisfy customers, always on time delivery, build a customer-focused way of life, build error-free, best products each day and so on.

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