The Florida Sterling Council

How SurveyTelligence Helped a County Clerk Win the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for Service Excellence

Sooner or later every leader gets measured by the efficiency and productivity of their organization—the key drivers of ROI-- whether you are making and selling widgets, or serving the public.

The Florida Sterling Council, a not-for-profit corporation that recognizes organizations that have raised performance and productivity to extraordinary levels and awarded its prestigious Governor’s Sterling Award to the Orange County Clerk of Courts (OCCC), a major user of the SurveyTelligence Infotool diagnostic software (IDS) since 2005.

The Governor’s Sterling Award is the highest achievement that a Florida organization can receive for performance excellence. Criteria used to select award recipients are based on the seven criteria also used for the Malcolm Baldrige Award

With a workforce of over 600 people, the OCCC provides court support, case maintenance, data reporting, customer service and the collection of court fines and fees for one of Florida’s most populous counties.  The OCCC turned conventional thinking about ineffectual government  on its head by evaluating the operational levels of customer service and employee workforce focus using a customized InfoTool diagnostic software (IDS) survey, then implementing a process management for performance improvement using SurveyTelligence road mapping.

Here are sample SurveyTelligence employee evaluation survey forms that enable business leaders like the OCCC to measure their organization’s performance and identify roadblocks that influence leadership and employee productivity.