Hotel and Property Management

A hotel and property management company in Canada hired SurveyTelligence to perform the 2nd annual Employee Engagement survey for all hotels, property management and head office employees. The purpose of this engagement was to measure any improvement or degradation from last year’s scores and present necessary insights and findings for heightening engagement levels throughout the organization.

This company initially approached SurveyTelligence in 2013 because high turnover rates were increasing costs, decreasing customer satisfaction, and taking a toll on the bottom line. Through a detailed and customized survey process, the online results identified exactly what actions this organization need to take to improve engagement, ease employee frustration and improve profits.

Members of senior leadership blamed high turnover rates on the industry and current economic environment but SurveyTelligence analysis found that there was no reward system in place to engender a feeling of value for employees. Managers were not empowering members of their workgroup because they themselves were not empowered. Leadership efforts to improve engagement were getting lost in downward communication causing misalignment between hotels, properties and head office. With the capability to ‘slice and dice’ the demographics, the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement were immediate identified and specific action plans were created for each manager within those areas.