Dollar Tree

Do you know what the ROI is from your Facebook page? Would you believe that it might be 35:1?


With more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Dollar Tree has built a $3 billion enterprise by providing customers with value. More consumers pass through their stores each month than visit Disney World in a year. So, it made sense for Dollar Tree to engage their brand followers in the new world of social media. Within 9 months of launch, Dollar Tree’s Facebook page and Twitter account had nearly 100,000 followers.  Since “Everything is a Dollar” at Dollar Tree, understanding the ROI on social media investments vs. other media in order to optimize profitability is important.

SurveyTelligence developed a one-of-a-kind survey and customer feedback program that turned Dollar Tree customer engagement into customer insight, such as the number of times Facebook connections shop at Dollar Tree, how they compare to other Dollar Tree customers, and most importantly, how Facebook influences buying habits.

Statistically reliable data delivered through the InfoTool diagnostic software (IDS) showed that Facebook customers spend more than other customers and that the incremental revenue from future sales will be as high as 35 times the cost of the Facebook program. And, now that Dollar Tree knows what Facebook followers like to buy at its stores, Facebook posts can be tailored to meet customer preferences.

The chart below demonstrates how robust a SurveyTelligence graphical display can be by showing how Dollar Tree Facebook connections (in green) over-index compared to other online customers while concurrently validating each buyer groups’ average purchase dollar values:

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