How one of the world’s leading consumer brands measured its brand loyalty and purchase intent. 


This case study demonstrates how a consumer goods marketer used SurveyTelligence to follow and interpret research data in ways that create advertising messages that generate sales through optimized brand positioning.

Dannon requested a new product positioning strategy. They needed to know which Dannon products consumers prefer, what would influence them to buy more Dannon product, Dannon’s share of household vs. competitors’, and which Dannon product/feature/benefits drive sales.

We surveyed 34,000 Dannon customers and displayed the results in multiple InfoTool diagnostic software “bulls-eye” charts in which the key purchase influencers show up closest to the center. Among the important outcomes of the survey was this chart that showed an actual brand loyalty score (79%), and the key factors that influence brand loyalty. Contrary to pre-survey intelligence Dannon sales are not driven by Price and Habit, rather by Taste, Quality, Nutrition and Value.

These key factors became the platform for new brand positioning, and within a year of execution, Dannon overtook Yoplait in market share for the first time.

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