"I am exploring the results, and really love playing around with the predictive matrix! What suprises me is how fast new employees become disengaged after one year, and becomes worse after 5 years!

And divisions who have high engagement are those who are involved in the policy formulation jobs, 'The elite group'. The further you are from 'the information-central nerve system', the lower your engagement. This is a really powerful tool."

- Deputy Director of The Bank of Indonesia

"Overall, the tool represents dynamic and extraordinary analytical capability. Using InfoTool allows us to examine micro and macro trends, which we had not been able to see in previous surveys. We can now view organizational strengths and areas of opportunity sliced by all of our demographic groups in a matter of seconds."

- Vice President of Staples, Inc.


Since 2000, our successes have proven the value of the promises we make to leaders. It is the evidence we provide that shows the commitment to our clients. The following three case studies are but examples of how we have transformed organizations from “good to great” with our customized approach.  This is not a generic solution because no two companies are the same.

Tools for Leaders - Summary Wheel

Hotel and Property Management

A hotel and property management company in Canada hired SurveyTelligence to perform the 2nd annual Employee Engagement survey for all hotels, property management and head office employees. The purpose of this engagement was to measure any improvement or degradation from last year’s scores and present necessary insights and findings for heightening engagement levels throughout the …

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Dollar Tree

This case study, with more than 4,000 stores, demonstrates our power to explore survey results through unlimited demographic lenses. Dollar tree now knows the preferences and buying habits of all of their Facebook members.

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Dannon logo


We surveyed 34,000 Dannon Customers and displayed results in multiple diagnostic “bulls eye” charts to identify each of the key purchase buying habits. These key factors became the platform for new branding positioning, overtaking Yoplait in market share for the first time.

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Orange County logo

The Florida Sterling Council

Within two and a half years of beginning our engagement, this client won the Governer Florida Sterling Award for Service Excellence. The cultural transformation created a customer-focused organization resulting in process re-engineering, enhanced communication skills and overall heightening of people engagement.

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