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Translating Information into Action


“If leaders know the actions to take, leaders will take that action”. This basic elementary statement is the common denominator that will solve all corporate issues and achieve corporate goals; it starts with collecting information that is translatable into knowledge and action.

The use of Infotool diagnostics allows laser precision decision making based on laser granularity of information …

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Employee Engagement Should Not Start With an Exit Interview


Talk about the saying “the horse that is already out of the barn” exit surveys are designed primarily to elicit information as to why people have left an organization. Their attitudes have been tainted, their initiative has been dampened and there is no compelling reason to provide validated information upon which you can rely upon. …

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Engaged Employees VS Engaged Customers


On a recent project I discovered something that is the anti-research.

Gallop, Hewitt, Blessing White and many other consulting soothsayers claim that when workers are engaged, the results are high performance and greater profitability. They sell you their employee engagement program for huge bucks and you, (and they) pray that their work will bring you immeasurable wealth, happy …

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SurveyTelligence Criteria for Engagement


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5 Ways to Be a Great Leader


I found this on LinkedIn and wanted to share:

What are the five ways to be a great leader?

1. Serve others – Spend your time helping your employees, partners, suppliers and clients become successful in their activities. Adding value to their lives is the most important way to shine as a leader.

2. Associate with great people – This …

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>Root Cause of Survey Failure


>The root cause of survey failure is the inability or difficulty to execute effective change. Note the word “effective” for those ready to pounce.When data results of large groups are calculated by averages, barriers to change efforts increase by multiples. Contrasted, with an ability to see survey results idvidually by pockets of groups within that …

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Certified Survey Consultant in Action


An update from one of our newest Certified Survey Consultants and Licensee of the Infotool Software:

Michael J. Stabile, PhD – CEO of FutureNow Consulting (

“Just wanted you to know that since we left the training last Wednesday, we have used the training and tools in some fashion or form. On Thursday, I helped our statistics director …

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Sound Familiar?



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New Power of Survey Diagnostics


Information analysis is the new “holy grail” in our work. In the implementation phase of your work, it’s becomes your key capability, as advisers, to “fix what we can discover is broken” through the prioritization of those actions most correlated to the Vision work. This is the new power of survey diagnostics.

This discover phase traditionally is …

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Elevating HR to the Boardroom


HR involvement in understanding and guiding the employee to productivity and engagement is a gift that CEO’s would treasure, but HR must first get to a higher level of capability. This higher level of capability means having evidence-based information. There will need to be a proving process to be first demonstrated before HR is invited into the …

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