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Enhancing a Culture of Safety


In our never-ending quest to instill and enhance a safety culture, we have been collaborating and brainstorming with other professionals to discuss their experience in what has been successful and what hasn’t in working with organizations in implementation. One conversation I had earlier today with a renowned US Government Safety Expert, really had me thinking …

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What Makes a Good Survey Score?


Research shows that the best survey likerd scale is a 10 point scale. Using the 10 point scale your analysis allows for greater analysis capability and gives a viable scorecard to attach a value to the results. What does an average score of 73 (7.3) mean? 85 (8.5)? Do these scores qualify for actions?

The best way to determine which …

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Case Study: “It Really is the Best Place to Work”


Campus Information Technology Services (CITS) employees are hailing their department as the best there is at The UWI St. Augustine and while many of us may be loath to agree, they offer a pretty good argument, beginning with their high results in the Employee Engagement Survey. As a matter of fact, CITS came out on …

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Analytics Boost for Consultants


Analytics in consulting is not about reporting, dashboards or complex math. It is the link that enables consultants to identify top people drivers of business results.

Consultants achieve their maximum potential only when they uncover strategic options and present them confidently before the leadership team.

Consultants have traditionally used efficiency-oriented measurements such as cost of …

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Involvement is the Root of Employee Engagement


Companies expecting to drive employee engagement start with an engagement survey, which ultimately validates what they probably already know. Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2010-2012 report published that 70 percent of American employees fail to work to their full potential costing $500 billion each year in lost productivity.ASTD Website

How can 70% lost productivity …

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The Power Is Not In The Results, But In What You Do With Them


The power of survey delivery is not just the tool results, but what you are capable of doing with the survey results. So as I begin to expand my thinking about post survey implementation, I am thinking of the concepts of human behavior, inspiration, common goals and ownership. This power is created within Creative Spaces™. …

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The Greater The Organization, The Greater The Information Gap


I like conversations that seem to focus on weak management. Sometimes these conversations lead to conclusions that certain leaders are weak, delusional, poor decision-makers, inept and more. Bring on the consultants, coaches and advisors who immediately talk about changing the organizational culture, coaching and training while Boards of Directors, behind closed doors, secretly discuss terminating the …

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Can You Build Employee Engagement Through Fun Activities?


Installing and instilling a strengthened culture of engagement is not through “fun” activities. The following has worked amazingly well for us.


First, you must identify present engagement levels by each demographic.  Many survey companies have effective systems in place to do that.  After results and analysis are complete, procceed to the next step.

Second, hold Senior leadership workshop to …

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How to Monetize Facebook


November 9th, 2012 1:00 PM EST


A lot of people talk about it, and a lot of people understand it, but no one has actually done it - proven the return on investment your Facebook program generates for your company and how to monetize the results.

What you will learn:

How to determine the economic value of …

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How Creative Spaces Creates Delighted Customers


Forming “Creative Spaces™” is a means to provide an intangible “free zone” of expression for people to share innovative ideas or explore entrepreneurial ideas without fear or embarassment.


These “Creative Spaces™” do have restrictions. They are not “bitching” forums, but a place to discuss two concepts:

1. Identifying the workgroup’s key customer

2. How to best serve that …

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