About Us

We don't just deliver data, we deliver solutions.

 Our survey diagnostic has been used by over 400 companies in the United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. We provide survey services for the leading consulting companies of the world including Perot Consulting, Dell Consulting, CSC Consulting, IBM Consulting and many others.  Our team members include PhD's, authors, professors, Certified Survey Consultants and world-renowned experts in aligning organizations.

Stanley Labovitz, JD, CEO and founder (2000)

is an expert in survey diagnostics customization, with vast experience in data analysis, and implementation of continuous process improvement action planning.

Before InfoTool, Stan was a Senior Vice President of ODI (Organizational Dynamics, Inc.) for 20 years, responsible for business development and alignment consulting. He integrated diagnostic analysis capability, OD consulting and critical business processes.                       

Over 16 years, using InfoTool’ deep dive diagnostics, Stan’s team has represented fortune 1000 companies, worldwide, in five countries. Clients have included major pipeline companies, US Government agencies, 45 hospitals and dozens of consults, as PWC, Deloitte and IBM that have licensed the technology.  Labovitz is considered as an expert by his peers in survey design, analysis and culture change.

Dr. George Labovitz

Over 35 years’ experience in counseling corporate executives on organizational alignment, customer culture alignment, integration strategies and quality management.  He is the founder of ODI, an international management training and consulting company and Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management at the Boston University School of Management.

 He has published or contributed to management articles in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Quality Progress, and Quality Management in Healthcare. He co-authored Making Quality Work (Harper Business, 1993), The Power of Alignment (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1997) and Rapid Realignment (McGraw Hill, 2012).

Dr. Labovitz has presented keynote addresses to diverse audiences throughout the world, from world congresses on quality in Singapore and Euro-Disney to national meetings of the American Hospital Association, the American College of Healthcare Executive and The Healthcare Forum. He has delivered numerous presentations to the annual meetings of ODI's international customer base, which includes 12 of Fortune's 20 top companies. 

Government clients of Dr. Labovitz and InfoTool include the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Air Force, The DOD and the U.S. Postal Service.

He received Boston University’s highest teaching award, The Metcalf Cup awarded to the outstanding teacher among the 4500 member faculty.

Jennifer Labovitz, VP of Operations

Jennifer Labovitz, our VP of Operations, is responsible for the management and administration of the survey process.   She is an expert in survey design and analysis for sustained, continuous improvement. A Bentley University graduate who received a Bachelor’s of Science in Managerial Economics with a Concentration in Management, she works closely with companies to build manager competencies and understanding of cultures through survey results. She is also  trained in Gender Intelligence by the Global Leader in Gender and Cultural Intelligence, Barbara Annis & Associates.